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I enjoy mentoring

I’ve just got back home from a day of tutoring. I’m teaching full-stack Javascript development to a local developer, specifically Node and Ember.

I enjoy working with modern Javascript frameworks very much, but I’m rapidly discovering that something I enjoy even more is mentoring someone else who is learning. Being able to correctly answer someone’s questions, demonstrate practical applications of skills and leave them after a session significantly better informed than they were before makes me feel very good.

An uncomfortable truth

I read something about myself today that someone I care about had written. I had not intended to read it – I did not seek out this person’s honest opinion of me but it has gone through my eyes now and into my brain and there’s not anything I can do to get it back out again.

It upset me. I feel tired now. I am tired of caring so much what other people think of me, of being so invested in the opinions of those around me. I did not ever intend to care so much about these things but it seems I do anyway.

Right now everybody is forced to be according to the ideas of others. That causes misery and great anguish, and takes all joy and gladness from life. Everybody should be himself and contribute to life according to his way, by creating music, or by creating paintings, or by writing poetry, or by producing better fruit, better crops, making better roads. Everyone should be allowed to have his own potential fulfilled.


Today has been a difficult day.